Alkaline Snorts Cocaine In “Profile” Music Video? 

Dancehall artiste Alkaline has released the music video for his song Profile, which was released in August of this year. The deejay stunned his fans with a vibrant music video wherein he showed off some of his dance moves. Kicking off the music video, Alkaline is inside a small enclosure made of stacks of cash. 

“Spend money and make back, electric step, step back. Give a fuck wah me head hot. See we an’ run up inna death trap. Body flatline, sintin’ drop, inna him head top,” Alkaline sang.


The visuals consist of various scenes flashing across the screen, beginning with the money chamber and interchanging with a white room scene where the artiste is seen tasting and snorting what seems to be cocaine. The video transitioned to a room with a boxing ring, where ladies dressed in swimsuits were swinging at each other. 

As the video continued, Alkaline sang at a table surrounded by skimpily-clad women as he played poker. Feeling the music, he dropped some dance moves in a lot occupied by luxury cars while girls performed on poles.

He added, “Mek me see wah clock a strike gone too soon. Change up game, mek dem know a our road. Boy dem easy fi catch and dem fool, fool.”

The music video, released hours ago, has since accumulated over 64k views and over 13k likes on YouTube. In the comments, fans spoke highly of the song, and the entertainer, whom one person declared is “STILL ONE OF THE BEST IN DANCEHALL.”

Watch Alkaline’s “Profile” music video.

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