Alkaline’s Clothing Line “Detta Gears”… See Pics

August 2, 2020

Alkaline has a clothing line and it’s called “Detta gears”, the line features a wide variety of clothing that is suitable for everyone.

The fashion line has recently uploaded photos and videos showing swimwear branded with the title “spoil yuh” being worn by females on the runway.


Fans will know the title as one of the Vendetta boss’s tracks bears that name. The clothing line also features other products branded as “Vendetta” with the business name being “Detta gears”.

Since the rise of the young artist to the dancehall scene the fans have definitely taken on to his products especially the vendetta pullovers.

The store is looking towards more marketability and success as based on the recent Instagram content much more products have been added to the collection.

The store is run by Kimona Bartley who is the known sister of Alkaline.

Fans can purchase items via online however it seems as if it now has a physical location in Florida.

See models wearing the many outfits available below


See pictures below



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