Allman Town Residents Stone JPS Workers

The Jamaica Public Service is venting their frustration after the recent stoning of some of their team members in the community of Allman Town, Kingston. According to reports, the workers were stoned when making an effort to cut down illegal wires.

The media and communications manager for the Public service company, Audrey Williams has spoken out on the matter stating that the attacks also took place earlier this year, however, this time the incident was reported to the Police and their Corporate communications Unit have already launched an investigation into the incident.

According to the JPS report, at this point, 90 per cent of persons in Allman Town are illegally accessing power which is having adverse effects on the area causing electricity bills to surge massively.

Some of the residents have even complained that power has been going out frequently, usually from 6 a.m to 10 daily with them still receiving high bills going up to $32,000.

People who operate their businesses in the community have also reported being drastically impacted with shopkeepers losing out due to goods spoiling on their fridge, and others including a tailor, who is not earning up to his full capacity having to refund and cancel appointments due to the frequent power outages.

In response to the current Allman Town crisis, JPS has allegedly said that the good will need to suffer for the bad since they are being disallowed to carry out their jobs, and so many people have illegal access to electricity.

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