Altercation Between Cops and Man in Portland is Being Probed

May 16, 2021

Jamaica News, An investigation was launched by the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (IPROB) into an incident that was recorded on video showing a number of lawmen trying to apprehend a man on Thursday in Portland.

It was reported that lawmen went to the parish and planned to target rogue transport operators when protestors confronted them. Sources in the area reported that a male protestor intervened during the operation when the police tried to seize the vehicle of a particular taxi driver.


Someone else said the man was using his phone to record a video of the police when he was allegedly assaulted by a female officer.

There is a part of the video which shows that there was a fight between the man and the officers. In the video three officers are seen trying to restrain the man.

Other protestors who were on the scene were heard accusing the police of abusing the man who they were trying to subdue. Check out the violent encounter below.



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