A’mari and Queenie Want to Clash at Sting

Thursday, December 15, 2022, 6:05 AM

Queenie calls for a settlement in the ongoing social media beef between her and A’mari. ‘Ladi Gangsta’ declared that she and her counterpart should showcase their talent on a dancehall rhythm or at Sting 2022 to end the ongoing social media beef.

Queenie told The Star, “Mi keep on a tell A’mari fi come show har talent. We a big people, yuh a go tru menopause and mi a go tru menopause. Suh, make we get a riddim and di two a we go pon it and see who more talented”.


A’mari seemingly fired shots at Queenie in her new single Money Laugh. She stated in the track, that she made her money honestly, and didn’t have to steal or shoplift. Queenie is guilty of all those accusations, so fans are saying Money Laugh is aimed at Queenie. Queenie also believes that it was masterminded by dancehall artiste/producer Sikka Rymes following their fallout.

A’mari has formed a musical bond with Sikka Rymes, ’Di Gaza Vice President’, A’mari stated that sting is the stage for settling the argument with Queenie.

“Most definitely I would clash Queenie at Sting,” A’mari told The Star. “Remember she said that there is only one queen in the deck, so I have to show the world which one. I could understand if we were all a part of the Holy Trinity, but Queenie has nothing to do with A’mari. So it’s either the Holy Trinity or God against the devil and one must win. So, I have to fight this battle and I will come out the winner. Anytime Sting call, I will answer.”

Queenie who worked with Sikka Rymes on her singles Queen Inna Di Deck and One Man To Mi Goodie said that things went sour between them when she performed the singles at a few events in Jamaica. Upon returning to the UK, a meeting with Sikka Rymes did not solve the issues and that led to her songs being deleted from Vevo.

“It bun mi enuh but mi say mi nah pay him nuh mind because mi still have mi voice and mi still can sing and perform the song. Them provoke mi and den him go link A’mari and put her on a plane and she starts trouble mi,” Queenie said.

A’mari said after being introduced to the Gaza camp, Queenie started throwing shades by “basically saying that I was not in her league”.

According to A’mari, when she revisits old videos of Queenie, she realizes that the “hatred” started back when she and Gully Bop were a thing. A’mari outlines that Queenie is trying to “duplicate” the relationship she had with Bop on social media by “being loud and boisterous and getting attention” with her husband Dowey.

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