Amari Is Looking To Mashup Macka Diamond’s Life After Tongue Heals

Entertainer, Amari, who is also known as DJ Mona Lisa, is standing up against veteran female Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond, that, called Amari’s name in a diss track directed primarily to vlogger Pretty Don.

The response from Amari is coming after Don spoke on her Instagram live of a sex tape involving Macka. Whether that is true or false it’s still unclear but what is known is that Macka Diamond launched her attack, and Amari got caught in the assault.

In the lyrics of Diamond’s song entitled “Pretty Dog,” she stated that Don gave the “Mashup mi life” artiste oral sex.

Amari did not hesitate to reply to Macka’s song. She did a live telling Macka Diamond to get ready while disrespecting her.

She told Macka that she expected a better song from someone like her who has been in the industry for so long, so as soon as her tongue gets better, she will be addressing the veteran.

It will be interesting to hear Amari go into war mode as she seems very ready to mash up Macka Diamond’s life.

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