A’mari Says She Wanted a “Bigger Fight” With Queenie – Watch Interview

Sunday, January 1, 2023, 2:04 PM

A’mari DJ Mona Lisa was not pleased with the outcome of her Sting clash with Queen Ladi Gangsta. In fact, she wanted the physical altercation with Queenie to be bigger than it was. She spoke about the Sting clash with Windford Williams during an Onstage interview and revealed why she attacked Queenie instead of doing a lyrical battle.

Much like everyone else, she was surprised by the events that unfolded during the highly-anticipated clash. While explaining that she did not know what overcame her to start a fight with her opponent, she shared that bottled-up feelings exploded when she saw Queenie. One thing that made her pounce on Queenie was the wedding dress.


“I just wanted to take it off her…I got married at like age 18, had 6 children..my children went into the system, my husband betrayed me. So it wasn’t just about Queenie; it had a lot to do with the wedding dress; I didn’t want to see it,” she explained.

When asked if she regretted the fight, she said her only regret was not glueing down her red wig. She claimed that she lost her voice after the fight, which impeded her performance. Nevertheless, she did not regret the physical altercation.

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“I wish there could’ve been a bigger fight,” she continued, adding that “tangling with Queenie” was fun. “She is so excited…she literally turns me on… She’s fiery, she’s alive, energetic…we’re both in our fifties, so to see that side of a woman who fails to stop in life, who wants to continue to live and enjoy herself, I will see myself,” she added.

A’mari, born Veneice Fung-Chung, stated that Queenie, legally named Janese Espeut, was related to her. Despite the recent blood relation discovery, she was still up for another clash with Queenie, whom she called “divine.”

“There is something divine about this woman, something special about her, and I do love her,” she stated, shutting down all misconceptions that she harboured any hate towards the Double Tap artiste.

Meanwhile, A’mari released a new music video titled Money Laugh, produced by Sikka Rymes. According to the Dutty Bungle artiste, Sikka Rymes wrote Money Laugh about Queenie and gave her the song to sing, which also contributed to the clash.

A’mari shared that she no longer worked with the producer because of a “misunderstanding.” Sikka Rymes, according to the singjay, stopped communicating with her after Sting’s promoters contacted her. A’mari, now being managed by Claude Mills, called Sikka Rymes a “dynamic, super producer.”  

Watch the interview below.

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