A’mari Talks Replacing Spice, Shenseea “Not Going Too Far,” and Queenie Not Being in Her League – Watch Video

Before the chaotic battle took place between A’mari and Queenie at Sting last night, A’mari confidently spoke about reigning longer in dancehall than Spice, Shenseea, and many other female artistes. The DJ Mona Lisa attended the event in a red wig, which Queenie had dragged off during the battle, a short, black, diamond-studded dress, and black boots. 

Speaking to Dutty Berry from the Dutty Berry Show before taking the stage, Amari responded to not being perceived as an artiste in the earlier part of her career. Although the masses continue to view her as a comic and social media personality instead of an artiste, she stated that she is indeed an artiste.


She noted that with time and experience, she has been able to find herself and understand the requirements of her audience. A’mari, who said Queenie was not in her league, continued by speaking about being an independent artiste after severing ties with Sikka Rymes.

Although Dutty Bungle entertainer did not specify what happened between her and her former producer, her words indicated that they no longer worked together because he was too controlling. Queenie, who also worked with Sikka Rymes, made a similar statement recently when she revealed that her producer terminated his business with her.

“Am a free agent right now. I would like to be sign to people like Heavy D, people who are more serious about the industry and that are not controlling,” she said.

When asked if she was open to collaborating with Shenseea, Amari expressed that she believed that Shenseea was long past the peak of her career. 

“I think that Shenseea is not going too far. I think that her career have slow down,” she continued. While speaking about her future, which she says promises a longstanding presence in dancehall, she added, “I think that I am gonna outlast most of them, and I do believe I will replace Spice.”

According to the Dutty Life singjay, her performance would be the funeral for many artistes and her own rebirth. She expressed that she would like to be acknowledged by the industry as an “authentic, professional artiste.”

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The Neko singer claimed that there was a “personal vendetta” between herself and Queenie, who had noted that there were no issues between them days before the event. Nevertheless, she highlighted that she was proud of Queenie, as they were both in their fifties. Additionally, she also welcomed the possibility of a collaboration.

Watch the Interview with A’mari below:

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