Amber Heard Is Not Finished With Johnny Depp

On Friday, July 1, lawyers representing Amber Heard filed a 43-page motion in a Virginia court, as the actress is requesting that the verdict made in the recent highly televised defamation trial between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp, be dismissed or a new trial started.

In 2018 Heard wrote a Washington Post article alleging that she was physically abused by Depp during their marriage. Depp later sued her in 2019 for $50 million in defamation claiming to have lost significant movie roles after the publishing of the article and denied having ever abused Heard.

On June 1, a jury ruled in favour of Johnny Depp finding the majority of Heard’s allegations false and defamatory. She was also ordered to pay Depp a total of $US15 million.

Heard and her lawyers are now alleging that Depp’s lawyers did not submit sufficient evidence proving that he lost movie roles as an exact result of her 2018 article, hence the jury’s judgement was not supported by evidence.

The motion filed has also called to question the validity of the identity of a jury member referred to as juror#15. Juror#15 is on record as being born in 1945 but Heard’s motion claims that the juror that attended court was born later than 1945 and that publicly available information demonstrates that he was born in 1970. Meaning the person that attended court might not have been the one summoned there.

A decision has not yet been made by the presiding judge to dismiss the previous verdict or grant Amber Heard a new trial

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