American Woman Tells Story Of What Happened When She Was Reported Missing December

Antiellia Sterling was reported missing with a rented vehicle last December in the media. The American woman, who came to Jamaica on November 7th, 2021, has returned with a shocking story to clarify what happened.

Sterling has a Jamaican father, and she came to the island to establish several businesses, such as cannabis, property and transportation management. To conduct her business, she rented a car from a company in Montego Bay, St. James, and this was the same company she used during her previous visit last August to September 2021.


Subsequently, Sterling said she was constantly contacting the company via email and Whatsapp for an extension. “… and I actually stopped by, I believe, on the 16th to exchange the rental because it was leaking water,” Sterling also added.

Sterling went on to allege that on Thursday, December 23, she was on her way back to her hotel in St. Mary when she came upon individuals in two unmarked vehicles who forced her off the road. The individuals allegedly told her they were police officers and demanded that she park at the side of the road. After doing what she was told, she claimed they lifted a gun to her head, pulled up the emergency brake from the passenger’s side and “told me to get the F out of the car before they blow my brains out”.

Afterwards, more people came from the vehicles questioning her about her rented car. She recounted showing the individuals the emails she had sent in regards to the extension for the rental of the car. It was at this point the imposters, who claimed they were police, quickly hid their weapons at the sight of another individual who was in police uniform.

Sterling stated next that she informed the alleged police officer she wished to file a report about the gun that was pointed at her head, but the police responded by saying, “Miss you are lucky”. The alleged officer claimed he would meet them at the police station, but he never came. Nevertheless Sterling reported the incident at the station.

Sterling continued by stating that her bags were removed from the rental car and thrown onto the street, while she was left without a vehicle. She added that she had never missed any messages from the company, so she didn’t know how it came to that.

Furthermore, she mentioned that the reports about her missing made her immediate family emotional distressed. Sterling expressed that the incident has also made her distressed. She said that she was receiving calls from her mother, who thought she was dead, and her entire family in the US and Jamaica.

Additionally, she claimed that her business, which she spent millions of Jamaican dollars on, had to pause, and she was having sleepless nights because she kept seeing the gunman when her eyes were closed.

Reportedly Sterling has hired attorney-at-law Charles Ganga-Singh as she declared that she wanted “those people prosecuted”.

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