Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan Declares In Court That He’s The “One Don… Any other Don a Clarendon”

Andre “Blackman” Bryan, leader of the Klansman Gang, spoke in cryptic words to Chief Justice Bryan Sykes during the continued sentencing hearing in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston on Tuesday.



The message, which contained strange sentences such as, “I did not go to Ford for any water, but I am a well,” also mentioned his 14 co-convicts, saying that they should have been “pardoned” because they were under his influence.

The gang leader spoke on this while highlighting that just as the witnesses were not punished, his co-convicts should have been treated the same since the crimes they committed, which included murder and arson, were because of the orders he gave. When he spoke, he referred to himself as the “Don,” saying, “It’s the Don talking. One Don…”

Bryan said, “The truth must be told… I give orders, instruction, they were all under influence; same fi di witnesses weh get pardon; mi nuh know a who pardon dem… All a dem shudda been pardon and you take me in account.”

Listen to Bryan’s speech below:


Following Bryan’s remarks, the exercise in plea mitigation was over, and Sykes adjourned the case until later on, He will be sentenced soon.

With 33 defendants, including Bryan, the trial of the Klansman gang members from St. Catherine started in September 2021. When the case came to a conclusion in March 2023, Bryan and 14 other defendants, including one female, Stephanie Cole Christie, were found guilty of a variety of crimes, including membership in a criminal organisation.


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