Rare Footage Of Klansman/One Don Gang Leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan — Watch Video

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 9:56 PM GMT-5

In a recent video that has surfaced on YouTube, the infamous leader of the notorious Klansman Gang, Andre “Blackman” Bryan, was caught on camera. This recent footage is the first time anyone has ever seen the gang leader clearly.

Reportedly, he has only been seen in pictures wearing tank tops, and in this video, he is seen dressed in a full white suit with his face shown. The video also makes note that Blackman has seemingly lost a lot of weight.

The Klansman/One Don Gang trial began on September 20, 2021, and according to Loop News, the latest in the trial showed Andre “Blackman” Bryan being convicted for six murders and for also being the leader of the notorious Spanish Town, St. Catherine-based Klansman Gang.

Twenty-six defendants have been on trial, but three of them, including Blackman’s brother, Kevaughn Green, were found not guilty of belonging to the criminal organisation, making them the most recent defendants to be cleared of all charges.

Chief Justice Sykes indicated to Blackman that the evidence that the prosecution brought against him led to the verdict and that it also gave the court reasonable cause to believe he was the leader of the criminal organization. This evidence included secret phone calls that captured conversations between Blackman and the alleged members of the gang.

Also, Sir P, the anonymous voice in the video, made note that Blackman and the information he has are needed to bring the corrupt high-ranking members of Jamaican society to justice. He also made note of two other persons in the video, one of whom is a witness named Lamar “Brain” Simpson and the other is Blackman’s alleged bodyguard, Tareek “CJ” James.

In the seconds-long video, Blackman can be seen walking with another man handcuffed to his left hand. He was also seen carrying a small stack of papers in his other hand. The metal gate they seem to be emerging from in the video can be speculated as the exiting area of the courthouse.

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They then appear to be climbing into a vehicle. It is also unsure if Blackman noticed the camera as he walked briskly to his destination for he showed a composed face with no reaction to the camera.

Video showing Andre “Blackman” Bryan below.

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