Andre McDonald’s Murder Trial Continues After his Alleged Confession – Here’s the Latest

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 2:41 AM GMT-5

Major Andre McDonald’s trial continued on Tuesday, following the explosive testimony by relatives about his alleged murder confession on Monday.

The supposed confession came from McDonald after a phone call with the deceased’s (his wife, Andreen McDonald) family members. Andreen’s sister and mother were at the end of the phone call when McDonald made the alleged confession and was called to the stand to recount what actually transpired.


In their testimony, the women both said that they believed that he confessed to them because he wanted to ensure that they knew what had happened. In her testimony, Johnson claimed that Andre confessed to her over the phone that he had trod on Andreen with his foot while she was on the ground, as their 6-year-old daughter Elena stood nearby.

There were multiple witnesses, including law enforcement officers and a former hospital worker who described his brief interaction with the defendant during Tuesday’s trial. As part of the prosecution’s case, video surveillance was provided of the former hospital worker Gordon and McDonald’s interaction at the hospital on March 1, 2019.

In the surveillance footage, McDonald makes his way into the hospital and strides up to the front desk. According to Gordon, McDonald was in a hurry as he asked if his wife had been admitted to the hospital. Gordon then asked for the last name of the person he was inquiring about. In response to Gordon’s question, the defendant stated ‘McDonald’ as her last name. 

According to Gordon’s testimony, there was a woman by the name of McDonald who was present at the hospital, and he assumed she was the defendant’s wife. However, it wasn’t Andreen. 

Filiberto Gonzalez, a Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy, describes his visit to the McDonald’s home in north Bexar County on March 1, the same day the defendant went to the medical facility. In the backyard, the deputy noticed a burn pile and blood on a light switch in the bathroom.

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Gonzalez interacted with McDonald, who had just returned from the hospital, 25 minutes later. The defendant informed Gonzalez that Mrs McDonald was in the hospital, but he did not provide details or further information. 

The eye-opening trial continues tomorrow. 

Watch footage from the latest court proceedings below:

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