Andrew Holness Showing ‘Government Badness’ says Damion Crawford in Parliament

Saturday, March 27, 2021, 9:43 AM GMT-5

Senator Damion Crawford, the Self-proclaimed Dancehall Defender and Peoples National Party (PNP) Senator, left his Government colleagues in Jamaica’s Upper House of Parliament feeling a bit upset, when he accused the Prime Minister of, embracing ‘Chronic Laws’ violence-laced song titled ‘Government Badness’ among other things.

The Government senators repudiated vociferously and insisted that Crawford’s statements were not true. There was a ruckus in Gordon House, and two JLP senators who are also lawyers forced him to withdraw his statements. 


Crawford, the PNP vice president’s comments were made while he was making his contribution during the debate surrounding the Appropriations Bill.

He claimed that Government badness was a feature of the approach of the JLP Government. The citizens of the country are afraid of the Government.   He accused Mr. Holness of embracing a song called Government Badness, and declared that the PM spoke to the things he embraced, not him (Crawford), when he addressed the Senate President, Senator Tom Tavares Finson.

The song “Government Badness” was released in 2018 and became relevant again last year when the Government had started imposing lockdowns in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

It was revealed that the claims made by the Senator were false, as the PM had never endorsed the song he had mentioned.

These are some of the lyrics in the song: “Gun pon belly, di beretta never lef, Government badness, Andrew Holness, mi nuh lef my dogs when mi roll out inna di Mark X”

However, the song ‘Bro Gad’ by Daddy 1, the other 6IX member, which is a tribute to the loyal and supportive men who help to guide young men.  Was not only endorsed by the PM, but he has even used the moniker “The Honourable Brogad”.

Crawford also said he knew of people who were arrested and publicized after they criticized Holness, and that he could give examples, during the Senate exchange. He was then interrupted by the Leader of Government Business, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith. She stated on point of order that the honourable house was being misled and demanded that the allegations should be withdrawn.

The Montego Bay-based attorney-at-law Senator Charles Sinclair joined her and noted that only one person who broke the law was arrested, and he had pleaded guilty in court and that meant nobody was arrested for criticizing Mr. Holness.

Sinclair rebuked Crawford, who is a former University of the West Indies (UWI) Guild president and told him to be responsible.  Before Crawford claimed that, whether the Government side agrees or not, he had no intention as is being fabricated, to have impugned any motive upon an individual.

After doubling down on his statements, claiming he had said nothing wrong, Crawford subsequently wilted under the stinging repudiation of Sinclair and Johnson Smith.

After he was told by the Senate President that he should withdraw the statement Crawford appeared to be contrite, and stated that he didn’t say it and then said withdraw and move on.

Listen to the full song below.

Check out this video below that went viral about a Jamaica talking about Andrew’s Government Badness also.

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