Andrew Holness Will Get Rid Of ‘Disgusting’ Noisy Bikes

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is, at last, addressing the years-long complaints from frustrated Jamaicans who have been objecting to the “disgusting” sounds erupting from the modified motorbikes.

Expressing his own disgust towards the “extreme noise nuisance” produced by these bikes, PM Holness announced the implementation of new regulations that will govern the sound that the motorcycles make on the road.


The announcement made today on his Instagram account outlined that while noise might not be generally viewed as an “environmental disturbance”, the noise from motorbikes with modified mufflers has been an annoyance to all Jamaicans.

“Just to be frank, it is disgusting and it is time that it stops and we have now put in place the legal framework to address this pestilence on the roads of these bikes that if you are not strong in heart you could collapse having heard one pass you,” he stated.

PM Holness further added, “For years modified motorbikes which create extreme noise nuisance have been frustrating Jamaicans. Your Government has now put in place the legal framework to address this once and for all.”

Since the announcement, Instagram users have been expressing gratitude for what they believe is long overdue.

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