Angel Dups Makes His Musical Entry With Catchy Single Entitled “Touch Melody” 

New York-based singjay Angel Dups has made a strong start to his musical career with the release of his buzzing single entitled touch melody which has musical pundits very excited about the potential of it becoming a mainstream hit. 

The savvy lyrical master says he has been knocking on the door to stardom for some time now and he finally feels confident that he may have found that often elusive break out single. 


“There is something special about this record, maybe it is the melody we chose or maybe its the arrangement of the lyrics because it has a hit feel to it and so far everyone that has listened to it has been saying the same. I have been working behind the scenes to develop my craft and I think this song is a representation of my growth as an artiste.

I feel very excited about the prospects of this song making a major musical impact in 2022 and beyond” Angel Dups stated. 

Born Richard Smith, Angel Dups discovered his musical talent at an early age and was often the center of attention during all high school breaks as his friends implored him to deejay his witty rhymes as they beat classroom desks to furnish his music.

It was not long before he made the transition to the recording studio however several life issues transpired which delayed his musical start. Fast forward to 2022 and Angel Dups has found a song that has found favour with local and international radio deejays and he is in the process of filming the highly anticipated music video for the single. 

“Me a get ready fi drop di video cuz everybody ah ask for it. It will be a banger that is a promise” Stated Angel Dups. 

Currently, Angel Dups is busy in studio recording for several top flight music producers as well as promoting his single entitled, Touch Melody. 

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