Angry Customer Trashes and Drives Truck into Restaurant – Watch Videos

A discontented customer raised hell at a restaurant after he was told that he would be refunded due to a lack of chicken wings, which was a part of his order.

Reports state that the incident took place in Temple Hills, Maryland, United States, when a customer entered a fast food restaurant and placed an order for chicken tenders. Without collecting his meal, he left only to return 15 minutes before closing time requesting chicken wings instead.

The restaurant manager offered to refund the customer because they were out of wings, but becoming extremely angry, the unidentified male customer started to trash the establishment, attack the staff, and throw cash registers. He also ripped the door off its hinges as he was leaving, but was quickly pursued by an irate staff member.

The two engaged in a scuffle outside, which ended with the customer getting behind the wheel of a tow truck and drving it into the building.

In the videos circulating on the internet, the customer could be heard jeering the staff. “The f**k you talking bout. Bi**h ass ni**a. Where that money that you had,” he stated before jumping onto the counter.

Watch the videos below:

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