Popeyes Customer Hops Counter to Fight Employee in Montego Bay – Watch Video

In a video that is over a minute long, it can be seen that a customer of the popular fast-food restaurant, Popeyes, is apparently involved in a physical altercation with one of the establishment’s employees.

Wracking up views on social media, the video was posted on TikTok under the account 1killiodon with the caption, “Staff Throw drinks on customer and her baby 😭.”


Despite the caption, the part where the restaurant staff allegedly threw drinks at the customer and her child was not captured in the video, however, the ensuing events detailed said customer speaking to a man in a white shirt while surrounded by other customers. After the man walked away, the customer slowly walks towards the counter, where an empty drink cup lay discarded on the ground, before hopping up onto the counter, and over the plastic partition.

Choruses of “beat di gyal” erupted from bystanders and the video showed staff on the other side of the counter looking in the direction that the irate customer ventured. A door at the back where only employees were allowed to enter was opened, and it can be inferred that that is where the customer went.

Many people had things to say, and despite the serious situation, jokes were made about customers using the distraction to share their own food or taking the unattended chicken and leaving. Someone stated, “Mi would a just go share out my chicken and mind my own business 😂😂😂,” while another person voiced, “I don’t care what the argument about but throw drinks pon who fa bby u mad gal 😂😂.”

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The result of the altercation was not documented.

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