Boy with Cerebral Palsy and Bus Driver Fight off Robber – Watch Video

In what could only be described as a twist of fate in a video that was posted on Twitter, a robber with plans to aggressively fleece a bus driver of his possessions was stopped by a boy with cerebral palsy.

While it is not clear where the video was shot, it has a date stamp of September 20, 2015; however, it seems the heroic actions of this somewhat disabled boy have surfaced approximately eight years later. The video was recorded from a CCTV camera that was installed inside the bus.

The video shows a bus driver seemingly going about his daily routine when a man walks through the door onto the bus. Brandishing a blade, the man assertively steps towards the driver with the weapon pulled back in one hand, apparently threatening to harm him while uttering something inaudible. The scared driver then holds on to the empty hand of his attacker; a small tussle ensues, and the door closes.

A figure was then seen approaching the attacker and distracting him just enough for the bus driver to seize the opportunity to fight back. The figure then retreats further into the bus to seek safety.

The driver of the vehicle then begins to hold the robber from behind, preventing him from doing any damage with the weapon. As he attempted to break free from the driver’s hold, he was then forced into the closed door, where the driver delivered a flurry of punches.

Additionally, the previous figure then steps back into the frame while the others were fighting. It revealed itself to be a boy with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is an abnormal brain development or damage to the developing brain that affects a person’s ability to fully control their muscles. The boy successfully gets the door open from the driver’s seat, and the fighting pair falls out.

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After a little more tussling outside, the bus driver runs back onto the bus as his attacker gives chase. The boy can then be seen trying to close the door as the driver prevents the robber from successfully boarding the vehicle once more. After they triumph in closing the doors, the driver returned to his seat, started the bus, and drove off smiling. Both the boy and the driver then share a high five as they celebrate fending off the attacker.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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