Kiprich Loses Approx. J$8 M in Portmore Airbnb Robbery

Kiprich, the Jamaican dancehall entertainer, popular for hits such as Telephone Ting and Joe Grind, has reported that he was robbed of almost J$8 million in combined cash and jewelry on Saturday, March 11, in Portmore, St. Catherine.

It was previously reported that the artiste was robbed at his home in Portmore on Friday, however, follow-up reports from the entertainer confirmed the timeline to be on Saturday at an Airbnb that he had checked into. Kiprich gave more details when he sat down for an interview with the Observer Online.

“So I was there holding a vibes with Piranha (a fellow entertainer), food ah cook and ting and we de de a hold a vibes. My phone was dying, so I went over to my place where I was staying to get a charger, but when mi go round there, the door open,” he said. Continuing, he stated, “Mi wonder same time how the door open? Yu done know, my vigilance kicked in at the same time because I never left it open, and when mi step in, mi things dem tun over.”

After stumbling upon the scene, he went to the security room to report the incident, where he attained knowledge that the thief gained entrance to the property by breaking open a kitchen window.

Expressing his displeasure with the security at the Airbnb, Kiprich told the Observer that the guards had seen a man on the compound and after questioning him, he told them that he had jumped the fence of the property and was searching for a way to get out. Kiprich said that the guards did not search the individual or “press the panic button.”

There was footage gained from the security cameras which showed the thief with a Burberry glasses the entertainer recognized as his and a Gucci belt. The burglar made off with US$39,000 worth of jewelry and US$13,000 cash, a total of around eight million Jamaican dollars altogether.

Coming back to the island for work, the Mad Sick Head No Good singer booked a stay at the Portmore Country Club II in St. Catherine, at an Airbnb apartment, where the robbery took place. He is working on a musical collaboration during his stay and had also made plans to shoot footage for a total of four music videos for his most recent songs such as Mad Already, which features Preditor, Assurance, and Signs.

The dancehall deejay made a report to the Portmore authorities at the Divisional Headquarters of the St. Catherine South Division on the same day as the robbery, and it was also reported that the police recovered video footage of the individual allegedly responsible for the heist.

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