Another Death From Hayes, Clarendon Police Incident

June 15, 2021

Angry residents of Hayes in Clarendon, have proceeded to block the road again after finding out that there has been another death amongst the persons who were involved in the car crash that took place in the parish on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of two persons earlier.

The deceased is identified as 17-year-old Devonte Johnson, a student of Vere Technical High School.


According to the Mother of the child who spoke with the Jamaica Observer, her son was supposed to be taking a test today to get him ready for the upcoming Csec examinations, however, the young man sadly passed away at the Kingston Public Hospital after he succumbed to his injuries.

The reports so far tell that on Saturday, the Police was conducting a spot check in the community when an AD wagon, with the men on their way to Lionel Town in the parish was sighted and signalled to stop, however, the driver of the vehicle did not heed to the police and the car was later found in a crash in a light pole.

According to the Police upon approaching the vehicle, shots were fired at them which they returned, and when the gun battle cooled down they went to search the scene and found 9 persons on the crash site. The men were then taken to the hospital where two of them died from their injuries. The officers also gave statements that expressed that none of the men involved in the car crash, received any gunshot wounds and there was no bullet hole in the vehicle.

So far the Independent Commission of Independent investigations has begun to dig into the matter to find out the truth of it. The weapons also utilized by the authorities in the incident have been taken in for testing and the men are also being medically examined to help with the investigations. The director of complaints for the central region of Jamaica, Dave Lewin, has stated that the only way the truth will surface about the nature of the men’s injuries is via the ongoing investigations conducted by Indecom.

It was also stated by the private investigation organization that no weapons were found on the scene of the crash. According to Indecom, to aid with their investigations, the injured youngsters have been asked to give statements as well as the officers involved have been asked to be interviewed.

So far the assistant commissioner of Police for the area 3 division has met with residents of the Hayes community, to let them know that the matter is being investigated and that they are currently awaiting forensics from the investigators, which will help them to gain conclusive information that should satisfy their concerns. Learn more from the news report below.



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