Another Female Tourist Accuses Hotel Worker of Sexual Abuse at a Sandals Resort in JA

Saturday, December 22, 2018, 9:13 AM GMT-5

A female tourist has complained of being physically and sexually assaulted at a Sandals Resort in Jamaica has been put in the international spotlight.

It is alleged that a worker offered to take her on an exclusive sailing trip and when they got out in the water, she was assaulted.

However, when she suggested that she wanted to call the police, she was told that the case would be taken care of by the Managers of the Resort. She was then offered a non-discloser agreement and a voucher for a future trip.

A couple has also reported that the bride was sexually assaulted the day before the wedding and they were offered a refund of the #15,000.00 they had spent, and they refused to sign the non-disclosure agreement, the case is now before the court.

The Deputy Chairman of Sandals Resorts Adam Stewart was interviewed and he said the Security Protocols are being followed, but there are persons who believe offering a refund and a non-disclosure agreement to a woman after she has been sexually assaulted in not enough, as no one knows if the workers who assault the tourists are being punished. Mr. Stewart was unable to speak about the case that is currently in court.

It has been reported in foreign countries that females are being sexually assaulted when they spend their vacation in Jamaica.

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