Another Road Rage Between Taximan and Private Vehicle Owner in Corporate Area – Watch Video

Another video is circulating online of a taximan (yellow shirt) and a private vehicle owner (brown shirt) swearing at each other with their cars blocking off a section of one of the lanes below the 3 Miles Bridge located in Kingston/St. Andrew, Jamaica

The video started recording seemingly by someone in a car behind the two cars, after both cars had already stopped on the road causing traffic to build up behind. Based on what the private vehicle owner was saying, it seems as if the taxi man tried to squeeze past his car in a tight space.


The incident shows the private car owner walking around his vehicle toward the taxi filled with people saying, “Pu**ycl**t wrong wid yuh? Wapm to yuh, eh?” He reeled off a number of expletives and told the taximan about his mother, telling him to pray that no damage was done to his car.

The taxi operator then reversed and exited his car to look it over, holding what seems to be a tire iron in his hand. At one point, the two men got in each other’s faces while shouting, but did not touch each other.

Next, the passengers start to exit the taxi, seemingly to get away from the confrontation as the men continue to argue.

Watch the full video below:

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Read some comments about the incident below:

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