Extreme Road Rage in Kingston Caught on Camera – Watch Video

This footage surfaced online on Sunday, it shows the moment a man driving a white Toyota car attacked another man who was driving a SUV. The car driver, moments before smashing the SUV’s driver-side window, asked about his damaged car.

Seemingly the man Driving the SUV in the video hit the the other man’s car and tried to flee the scene without agreeing to pay for damages. At first, the angry male threatened to smash the windshield, however, he proceeded to smash the driver’s window as the driver tried to reverse.


After smashing the window, he ran to his car for an object and returned to the SUV to attack the male driver. During the ordeal, a female was recording via phone and she can be heard saying at one point that the damage will be paid for. “Please stop!” she also shouted at one point.

After being attacked, the man wearing dreadlocks exited the SUV with the object used to smash the window in hand, ready to take on his attacker “a nuh me alone a dead today,” he outlined while approaching the attacker who ran for an object and shouted, “mi Car!”

After a standoff the video cut. While it’s unclear when the incident took place, based on the video’s caption, it took place along Slipe Road in Kingston.

Watch the shocking incident below:

The footage has caused many Instagram users to voice their opinions in the comments section of the post, nini_tns wrote, “Two a dem a fckry why him lick the man car and drive leff him Fi the man affi drive him dung. Next bredda yah Fi control u anger cause if him did have a license gun u gone leff the car.”

See some more of the reactions below:


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