“Anybody Wanna Die Now, Anybody?” L.A. Driver Points Gun Through Window and Asks – Video

Thursday, April 8, 2021, 7:10 AM

A woman pointed a gun out of her car window, threatened to kill people and fired, as she waited to merge into a busy L.A. intersection when she lost her patience.

A video started with a woman screaming at someone off-camera while her window was down and then she pulls out a handgun and loads it. She then starts pointing the firearm while she asks, “Anybody wanna die now? Anybody??” as she pointed the gun at different cars that were passing before her in what is regarded as a terrifying scene.


However, that was not as scary as hearing the shot she fired straight up through her sunroof.

It seems as if no one got hurt and the police managed to find her and detain her so that more incidents could be avoided.

The woman was arrested for felony, negligent discharge of a firearm. Sources revealed that the police reported that she had fired 5 shots and then in a rant she said the cow jumped over the moon.

She also told the police that she is Dr Dre’s daughter and there is no supporting evidence of that. 

The video was recorded during rush hour traffic at 5:30 PM at a stop sign at the intersection of Fairfax Ave and Olympic Blvd.

Check out the bizzare video below.


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