WATCH: Kanye Lashes Out at People Leaving Bad Comments Under Revealing Video He Posted of His Wife Bianca Censori

Monday, February 12, 2024, 9:57 PM

A video of Kanye West‘s wife, Bianca Censori, wearing a revealing outfit has been attracting attention online and sparking conversations.

Bianca, who married Kanye in December 2022, is known for her provocative fashion choices and often garners attention with her eye-catching fashion choices.


On Monday, a video showing the 29-year-old wearing an outfit that barely covers her body was shared online by Kanye.

The video has been garnering extra attention for both Bianca’s provocative outfit and the fact that Kanye shared the video three times.

In the video, Bianca can be seen at an event wearing a triangular-shaped outfit that partially shows the sides of her Private area, butt, and breasts.

The three posts with the caption, “STILL THE KING,” led some viewers to speculate that he may have “Alzheimer’s”.

Watch the video of Bianca below:

While the video received some compliments, it mostly garnered criticism. One person complimented her by saying, “Bianca is so hot Omg.” Another IG user asked, “ye why she’s wearing table cloths???”

A third comment read, “kanye we get it she doesnt like clothes.”

Read more of the comments below:

Following the criticism, Kanye shared another video showing his wife walking alongside him as he addresses the naysayers.

“I posted my wife three times on purpose… I deliver the album, then people still in my comments talking bout, ‘why you post your wife?’ cause she make me happy, that’s why y’all happy with the music cause I’m happy,” Ye said.

Continuing, he told the public to stop commenting with negative responses under his posts and added, “If you don’t like my page and like what am posting, go f**k yourself…Leave the king the f**k alone…Ammal post my wife as much as I want.”

Watch the video of Kanye below:

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