Chris Brown Reveals That His Favourite Meal Is “Vagina” – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 9:31 PM GMT-5

In an unexpected revelation, multi-talented artiste Chris Brown shared his favourite meal. The Go Crazy artiste was being interviewed about general topics, including his drip and fashion choices, when he was asked to name his favourite dish.

However, in the humorous interview before the entertainer revealed his meal of choice, he was quizzed about where he was from and his name as he smoked what looked like a ‘joint’. He went on to show off his ‘drip’ and advised the public on fashion and being stylish, seeing that he has always made an impression with his fashion choices at red-carpet events.

“Be you, don’t worry about what other people look like try to look like yourself,” Chris Brown declared.

Chris Brown was then asked about his meal of choice, in no uncertain terms, Chris Brown replied, “Vagina,” to the shock of the interviewer, who was not prepared for that answer, as he burst out in laughter.

However, Chris Brown seemed ‘dead serious’ about his favourite meal based on his reaction as he took another puff off his burning ‘joint’. He was also asked about his zodiac sign, to which he replied, “Taurus.”

Watch Video:

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