Woman Born With 2 Vaginas Says She Uses One for Work and The Other for Play

Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 11:29 AM GMT-5

A woman who was diagnosed with uterus didelphys, which is the condition where a woman is born with two uteruses or wombs, says that starting an OnlyFans account has helped her to accept and embrace the fact that she has two vaginas.

Evelyn Miller

Evelyn Miller was first diagnosed with her condition in 2011 during a check-up with her gynecologist at the Women and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, Australia. Her doctor became aware of a physical irregularity during her exam and tests showed that she has two sets of vaginas and uteruses.

Before the 31-year-old knew that she had this rare condition, which, according to Scientific American, only affects one in every 2,000 women, she had always found it difficult and painful to engage in sexual activity and other things like inserting a tampon without any issues.

Miller gradually started to accept her condition and fully embraced it with the help of her husband, whom she met later, and her OnlyFans account. She started her OnlyFans carrier in 2018 after she got married and with the support of her husband, Tom.

After becoming active on the adult platform, Miller stated, “OnlyFans has helped me to finally embrace my condition. Creating content and having people complexly fascinated by my condition is really great.”

She also voiced that she was “always curious about sex work” and that sometimes other men got involved when she worked. “It doesn’t feel like cheating really. I’ve got one vagina for work and another for play,” she voiced.

At first, Miller was fearful that her diagnosis would mean that there was a chance of her being infertile, however, her fears were laid to rest when she became pregnant with her first child (Andrew, 20 months old), in October 2020 and then again with her second child (Georgia, eight months old) in November 2021.

See the pictures below:

Evelyn, Tom, Andrew and Georgia

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