Principal and Gym Teacher Fired After Sexual Encounters at Elementary School in Georgia

According to a report, a Georgia elementary school principal Dana Simmons and a gym teacher Dylan Charles engaged in an affair for some time and are both out of a job after allegedly having sex on school grounds.

In the report issued at the end of January, Simmons accused Charles of gaining access to secret school district information either by bugging her office or having a source inside the county school board, which eventually led to the sex scandal exposure.

However, Charles admitted to district officials to having an affair with Simmons, and even said they had sex at the elementary school and off campus, the report states. Initially, Simmons claimed that the two had an “inappropriate friendship” and denied having any sexual contact with one another.

The report states that Charles presented apparent proof of the sexual encounters, including a photo of him and Simmons kissing each other and another photo of a naked man and woman having sex inside a vehicle that Charles claimed was of him and Simmons.

The allegations are that Simmons subsequently admitted to having sex with Charles in an interview but denied having sex on school grounds. Simmons also asserted that the gym teacher’s wife, Kelsey Charles, set up sexual encounters between the two and even witnessed them having sex.

In an interview with the independent firm, Kelsey Charles claims Simmons promised her and her husband that she would help their careers and that Simmons was attempting to manipulate them. Additionally, she claims Simmons pressured her into sleeping with her husband.

“There is conclusive evidence of a sexual relationship between Dr Simmons and Mr Charles,” concluded internal investigators John Grant & Dr Paul Shaw. Moreover, the firm concluded that evidence indicated that sexual activity occurred at Banks County Elementary School.

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Law enforcement reviewed the investigation report submitted for any evidence of criminal activity, and none appeared to be present.

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