Sex Scandal Allegations by High-Ranking JDF Officer Confirmed Via Press Release

The Jamaican community was rocked with the news that one of its first lines of defence and justice, the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), has failed to protect their own. This is a result of multiple female soldiers claiming that they have been victims of sexual assault, carried out by a trusted high-ranking officer in their midst.

The JDF are remaining tight-lipped about the individual being accused as the name of the responsible party remains unknown. Inside sources state that the senior officer is being accused of unwanted sexual advances, rape, and fondling.


Sources declare that no less than 16 female JDF officials have come forward to divulge their sordid experiences.

The situation came to light when the first victim took her grievance of being sexually assaulted by an officer of higher ranking to army brass. Subsequently, multiple other female soldiers went forward with their own accounts of detailed assaults.

This is one of the worst claims involving a member of the military as of late.

A press release was issued by the JDF that stated, “the JDF confirms allegations of sexual harassment against a senior JDF officer circulating in social media…The Jamaica Defence Force has a robust sexual harassment prevention policy and treats with any breaches as a zero tolerance matter.”

The release also mentioned that matters such as this are conducted privately to maintain the anonymity of the victims but assured the public that an investigation into the matter was launched as soon as initial reports were made.

It was declared that any further public notice on the matter would not be forthcoming but established that, “the Force has a track record of dealing with disciplinary breaches of any kind where persons are found culpable.”

Read the press release below:

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