WATCH: JDF Soldiers Beat Civilians With Rifle

Thursday, May 5, 2022, 12:31 PM GMT-5

A video surfaced online showing a dispute between two Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) members and two civilians that ultimately escalated into an altercation.

The cause of the altercation has not yet been revealed, but the video clearly shows a woman confronting one of the soldiers in a heated argument after a group of soldiers detain a young man in the Jeep, who is said to be her son. The woman, who was visibly enraged by what was happening, approached one particular soldier with anger as she pointed and argued in his face. This was when one of his colleagues used his rifle to forcefully shoved the woman away as she was walking off, and the woman retaliated by hitting the colleague on his hand.

The situation quickly escalated at that point as the soldier the female was arguing with shoved her by her throat while the crowd grew angry and yelled profanities. The female confronted the soldiers again and after she was giving a second forceful shove with the rifle, the man who was being detained, interjected into the conflict. A fight immediately unfolded in which the soldiers were swinging their weapons and hitting the civilians.

The video, which was posted to ZJ Sparks Instagram page, is described as “disturbing” by a commenter, and it has received a lot of backlash towards the JDF for portraying a manipulation of power and taking unnecessary actions against the female and her son. The civilians also received criticism for demonstrating no respect for the JDF’s authority.

After the civilians were hit several times, the soldiers detained both civilians and carried them away in the Jeep. The remaining soldiers resumed their nearby station, facing the angry crowd of civilians who no longer wanted them there.

Watch the soldiers beat the two civilians in the video below.

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