JDF Soldier Beats Superior With M-16

A Jamaica Defence Force soldier is now in a very compromising position as he was pulled up on Monday and tried by an army body, for the assault of one of his superiors.

It is understood that the situation which caused the JDF soldier to attack his superior was due to him being informed of additional working hours which he seemed to not have agreed with and proceeded to use an M-16 rifle in his position to attack the other army worker.

It took place sometime last week.

As a consequence, it is understood that the soldier might be given an expulsion due to his actions as according to the Jamaica Star who got information from a reliable security source, the soldier was on Monday tried by a reputable army body who has found him guilty and made it known that he will be likely discharged from his position.

The army superior also received serious injuries from the incident as well as he is said to have received a broken shoulder as a result of the injuries he got.

About the situation, JDF corporation officer and Lieutenant Nathan Curtis were contacted for information however, he informed the Jamaica Star who made the effort to reach out to him that he had no information however he mentioned that the Defence Act provides a way for order and discipline to be maintained in the JDF.

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