WATCH: JDF Soldiers Caught On Camera Physically Abusing Men

A video recently surfaced on the internet via Instagram that shows a group of soldiers carrying out what appeared to be a search in a community, that resulted in them taking two young men with them, however, the part about the entire situation that ticked off the members of the community in the video was the manner in which the JDF officers were treating the men they were taking to detain.

At first, the footage showed the soldiers all armed with their guns taking in one of the men at first; however, the video then took the attention to one young man that someone said was just coming out of his yard when a JDF soldier saw him then grabbed, kicked him and pushed him in the head region.

The video went on to a scene that showed one of the men dressed in black coloured shorts on the ground with the soldiers asking him “Weh di gun deh”, while a woman in the video screamed that he did not have any gun.

The location where the incident occurred is not clear, just that the video was posted on an Instagram account that goes by the handle @Supabrownent who did not put a caption to the footage but followers of the page were very aggravated by what they saw and took to the comment section to vent their anger about the matter.

Even though most of the followers of the page were against the soldiers carrying out such an abuse, one Instagram user who goes by the handle @teno_crazy wrote, “Naa go lie some a dem deserve it Me nuh know nth bout dis but some a dem deserve it,” while another person by the name @djjuniorendz wrote, “Bwoy to how me know me no fuck round ppl and no give trouble,dem bwoy yah would have to kill mi but mi a put back a kick and box pon a bwoy deh. Mi no like tek nobody lick dwag a swear,a care zero to BBC!!!”

As it relates to the nature of the matter, the location and the subjects involved, considering that no information has been released concerning those details, the public will have to wait and see if those insights go public in the coming days.

Watch the video of JDF soldiers physically abusing the men below.

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