‘One Don’ Gang Leader Had Soldier As Personal Body Guard

In a shocking revelation, a member of the Jamaica Defence Force testified that the ex-soldier who was accused of being a member of the Clansman, One Don gang was actively engaged in the Army up until August of last year.

During his testimony yesterday the lieutenant confirmed that the accused ‘Jeremaine Robinson’ joined the force in August of 2015 and was in service up until August 22, 2021, however, he declined to state if the defendant left the force voluntarily or if he was forced to leave.

An ex-gang member first made the revelation that Robinson had confided in him that he was a soldier, and according to him Robinson used his spare time to guard Andre “Blackman” Bryan, the leader of the One Don Gang with an AK-47 rifle.

It was also revealed by another former member, that in 2018, he saw Robinson in uniform at a checkpoint in Spanish Town. Robinson told the soldiers to let him through and then proceeded to ask him for Bryan’s number.

He went on to say that Robinson contacted him later to inquire whether or not he had heard from ‘Blackman’ who was at the time incarcerated, and that he wanted to “tun up back de ting” because it had become a joke. This statement was made with reference to a resumption of the killings in the Spanish Town region.

The gangster and 32 co-accused, are being tried for 25 counts under The Criminal Justice (Suppression of Crime Organizations) Act and the Firearms Act.

The trial continues.

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