Witness Reveals More SECRETS On ‘Blackman’ in Klansman Trial

The ongoing trial that sees 33 alleged members of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman gang, has been heating up with the information that witness number one and two have released to the judge.

In the most recent update, Witness number one highlighted to the court that the alleged leader of the gang, Andre “Blackman” Bryan had a scheme in place which caused a distraction of attention from the shootings of the organization carried out in the Spanish Town community of Shelter Rock.


An accused member of the gang by the name of Tomrick “Fancy Ras” Taylor, was the decoy used by the alleged leader of the organization to divert attention from the shootings.

The witness reported to Chief Justice Bryan Sykes that whenever shootings were to be done “Fancy Ras” would be sent to the Police station by Blackman to make a report which was not a strange thing because Taylor, had to be reporting to the station due to the requirements of the bond for a bail he was out on.

The reason, “Fancy Ras” did this too, according to the witness, was because he had a case dealing with a man called “Chups” who “Blackman” wanted dead, to stop him from testifying against him. According to the witness, there was even an order sent out for him due to the fear of him testifying against “Blackman”.

Other information the witness gave was to list out 5 of the gang members who had guns which the person testifying said was still the crime organization’s own, that could be taken if “Blackman” wanted.

One of the killings that the witness reported to have taken place by the gang was the murder of a man called “Doolie”, who was said to be a member of the Tesha Miller faction of the “Klansman gang” which made the leader of the criminal organization want him dead.

The witness reported that the man was killed after 3 attempts, and even said that he discouraged the gunman on the two first attempts.


It was reported to the court by the witness in testimony that the person who carried out the act was an individual by the name of “Suss” who shot “Doolie” in his head until he died, then fired two shots in the air making everyone who witnessed the incident scramble from the scene.

The case against the alleged members of the gang only gets more interesting as the witness who confessed to being a former top-ranking person in the organization continues to testify.



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