The Assassination of “Tesha Bus Driver” – Klansman Trial

On February 6, 2018, a man known as “Tesha bus driver” was fatally killed by alleged affiliates of the Klansman gang in the Spanish Town Bus Centre in St.Catherine. The detective sergeant who was on duty gave his testimony before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes at the Supreme Court in Downtown, Kingston today.

The detective sergeant stated that extortion in the bus park was quite prevalent, as bus drivers were constantly harassed by gangsters in the vicinity. In an effort to prevent such, he was assigned to work in the area.

In his testimony, he stated that “Tesha bus driver” was the only one brave enough to formally report to the police the gang’s illegal activities in the area.

In court today, the detective sergeant gave a detailed recollection of the day of the fatal incident in his testimony.

He stated that he and other officers were at the location at approximately 8:50 p.m. where they assisted to provide security to a bus driver known as “Tandy Bay” while the bus loaded in the loading bay area of the park. He further stated that upon exiting the bus park, himself and the other officers were alerted by explosions which prompted them to head in that direction.

On the scene of the crime, the detective sergeant stated that he called for assistance from police personnel and proceeded to drive a fatally wounded “Tesha bus driver” to the hospital for treatment. He was subsequently pronounced dead by medical professionals.


There is a total of six men who are facing charges for the 2018 murder of “Tesha bus driver”. The men charged are Marco Miller, Chevroy Evans, Brian Morris, Andre Golding, Ricardo Thomas and Michael Whitley.

The trial began on the 20th of September and sees 33 alleged members of the One Don Faction of the Klansman gang being charged under the Anti-Gang legislation act, for criminal activities they have been accused of carrying out in Spanish Town and surrounding communities.

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