WITNESS In ‘One Don Trial’ Causes Court To Erupt In Laughter After Calling Defence Attorney “Estate Lawyer”

Friday, November 19, 2021, 1:41 PM

The trial against the 33 members of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman gang continued yesterday with the cross-examination of the witness by Attorney At Law Courtney Rowe, which saw a moment of laughter in the court as the person giving the testimony called him an “estate lawyer”.

What led to the outburst from the witness while speaking from a video link, is the fact that Rowe had made comments that the testimony being given against his client is a second chance of revenge and an act of jealousy from a dispute they had over a female.


Rowe had told the court on Wednesday that the witness and his client Marco “Ezi” Miller had not spoken since 2016, due to the witness accusing him of getting his on and off girlfriend pregnant. The female was even brought before the court for the witness to identify; however, he asked for her to be put on the stand but was met with other remakes from Rowe.

The attorney even claimed that the witness had tried to kill Miller, for which he did agree that he and others were given orders from “Blackman” to carry out the act.

As it related to the jealousy that the defence lawyer has suggested that the witness has, he denied it stating that could not be the case since he knew that the female also had another partner otherwise from Miller and that was when he proceeded to call Rowe an “estate lawyer”, which caused the court to erupt into laughter.

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