I-Octane’s Name Called Again by Gangster In One Don Trial

Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 3:55 PM

In the case against the 33 members of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman Gang, one of the alleged gangsters said he was a musician when arrested. According to the Jamaica who initially published the story, the defendant claimed that he was a close associate of I-Octane. 

The information was yesterday revealed to the court by the chief investigator in the case who told the judge that the defendant who made the claim was Fabian Johnson, otherwise known as ‘Crocs’. The information about him being a musician according to the cop was what he told the Police when he was arrested in June of 2019, while in Downtown, Kingston.


The notion about music being a part of the gang’s operations was brought forward to the court previously by the prosecution’s second witness who said Andre “Blackman” Bryan, and other gang members would often visit I-Octane’s studio in St. Andrew to have recording sessions.

According to the Police Witness, Johnson was identified upon his arrest, by a former member of the gang and while he was being held at the station asked for a call to reach out to his now co-accused Stephanie Christie who is also alleged to be an ex-girlfriend of his.

It is reported that the cop told the court that he recognized Christie’s voice as the woman he was hearing while the gang was having a conversation after the prosecution’s second witness had left the phone line open while talking to them during an operation organized by the police to arrest members of the organization who were said to have possessed illegal firearms.

The Police witness also said that he was able to make out the telephone number, as it was the one Johnson had also asked him to call. Christie was reported to have been arrested while at an ordaining ceremony for her husband to become a Pastor, at a church in St. Thomas.

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