Blackman visited I-Octane Multiple Times Says Klansman Witness

As the Klansman trial saga continues, the latest popular name to be called by a witness is “i-Octane” who according to the second state witness was visited “More than one time” at a studio located on Dunrobin Avenue in St. Andrew.

The telling statement was made today in the Home Circuit Court located in Downtown Kingston by the former Klansman gang member who has turned a state witness, he also claims that he was present on more than one occasion when they went to see I-Octane at the studio.

It’s unclear why I-Octane was visited by Klansman members on several occasions.

The witness who has been testifying since last Wednesday from a private location also disclosed that he approached the police investigators back in 2018 to put an end to the gang’s operations. He was not taken seriously at first, however, he gain the trust of CTOC investigators after he let them hear a conversation he had with Blackman and another top member of the gang known as Citypuss.

During the conversation which was placed on speaker, the withness got instructions to collect a gun which was being held by fellow gang member Ruel Taylor who has been also arrested and charged.

While testifying yesterday, the witness stated that “Blackman” Bryan displayed the gun to him that was used in the assassination of former Jamaica Urban Transit Company Chairman, Douglas Chambers, according to the witness, “he put two big hole in his head”. The chairman was reportedly killed because he was stopping the gang from “eating food”.

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The state witness also testified that Blackman wanted to boost the crime rate in St. Catherine to make sure they are the crime capital of Jamaica with regards to murders and shootings.

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