Klansman Gangsters Killed Couple On Their First Date

In September 2017, a horrific double homicide took place at New Nursery, St. Catherine. This is where the murder victim, Jermaine Bryan lived and perished with a woman who was previously unidentified. Reports are that the couple were found huddled against each other in the burnt house.
The couple was having their first date night together when gunmen stormed onto the premises by kicking in the gate and the door. The gunmen who are allegedly members of the Klansman Gang opened fire on both of them before setting the house on fire.
Investigators identified the burnt victim’s breasts and the pubic parts, which revealed that they were male and female. The investigation later revealed that 26-year-old Bryan was dating 25-year-old Cedella Walker, who was a bartender and a mother. Bryan (also a parent) had told a relative that this woman was in love with him months before the incident happened.

The relative testified to last speaking to Bryan the Friday before he was killed. These testimonies were taken Wednesday as the trial continues at the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston with 33 alleged members of the gang.
Similarly, a relative of Cedella Walker told the court that she also last spoke to Walker the Friday before she died. However, the relative testified that she wasn’t aware of Walker dating anyone. The witness said that she had made attempts to contact Walker the night it happened when the young woman didn’t return home, but only got Walker’s voice-mail.

Filled with grief while she testified, she admitted that she didn’t go to the police until Monday, which was when she had stated to the officers, “I heard that my relative is dead.” During the trial, the distress relative evidently fought to keep the pain from her voice and the tears from her eyes as she was being questioned by the prosecutor who led the evidence.


She eventually succumbed to tears when the prosecutor asked if she saw the body at the funeral, which she answered no. Reportedly, that event is a part of a string of crimes that were committed between 2015 and 2019 by the gang.

The prosecutors highlighted that the homicide was “demonstrative of the gruesome manner in which this gang operated.” The incident was allegedly carried out by the accused Andre Bryan (Blackman), Fabian Johnson (alleged leader and co-accused), Dylan Mclean, Brian Morris, Michael Whitely, Tareek James, and Jahzeel Blake.
The court was shown images depicting charred remains of the couple. In these images, skulls and burnt torsos were barely visible. This was when Andre Bryan bent over laughing deliriously, his co-accused partner gave smug smiles with arch brows, and the others laughed bitterly.
Going through more photos with a detective corporal, evidence of several bullet casings were visible along the remains of the two murder victims.

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