Witness Says He Only JOINED Klansman Gang Due To FEAR Of “Blackman”

Monday, November 8, 2021, 8:40 PM

The trial concerning the 33 members of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman Gang reached an interesting point on day 22 when witness number 2, in the case gave a testament about why he helped the alleged leader of the organization “Blackman” in murders, even with the killing of his friend in one instance.

According to the witness he was never an original gangster even though he described himself while being an active member to have been at a top tier level. The witness expressed to Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, that the only reason he did what he did was that he was under the orders of the alleged gang leader who he expressed he was in fear of.


The witness stated that in the year 2018, he decided to report the gang to bring them down, he even made a previous attempt to do so but was scared for his life and turned back.

The defence lawyer Lloyd Mcfarlane was not taking the story at all as he questioned the witness who told the court that he was chosen by Bryan at one time to be the Don of Lauriston, but because being a gangster was not in his nature he decided to report operations to the police.

According to what the witness said after being questioned by the defence attorney about the death of his friend “Dooly” and why he was there at the time of death, he explained that it was something that “Blackman” required as he at times would request for them to take photos of the crime which he likes to see.

Lloyd Mcfarlane raised the point however that the witness statement was inconsistent and the report he gave to the authorities was different from the court testimony, but the witness agreed and said that he was under stress at the time of giving the information to the Police and that he only lied once.

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