WATCH: JDF Soldier Kicks Pregnant Woman

Friday, May 6, 2022, 1:55 PM GMT-5

A video has surfaced online showing a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier kicking a female, who is said to be pregnant, in the midst of an outraged crowd.

This is the second video to be shared on social media of the JDF authorities being in a physical altercation with civilians within 24 hours. The first video making the rounds on the internet involves two JDF soldiers beating a man and a woman with their rifles at a checkpoint in the Denham Town Zone of Special Operation on Wednesday, May 4.


According to Loop’s police sources, the resident was allegedly blocking JDF members from carrying out their duties.

The following day, in the same area, a pregnant female and a soldier were in a physical dispute on Thursday.

Denham Town residents are upset over the two altercations and they are calling out to the authorities to investigate the incidents.

The JDF has already started a probe into the first video of Wednesday’s incident and has released a statement, ensuring the residents that “appropriate actions will be taken as deemed necessary”.

The JDF also requested residents to “cooperate” with “security forces” that are operating in their areas, as the soldiers are only overseeing “the safety and security of citizens”.

The statement concluded by saying, “The JDF is committed to working with the Jamaica Constabulary Force in re-evaluating how the challenges in the community may be better managed.”

While the investigation is being conducted, the JDF welcomes anyone by who may have any information regarding the incident or any issues regarding security to call the JDF Tip Line at 1876-837-8888.

Meanwhile, on social media people seem to be more appalled by the behaviours of the residents than the JDF members. Even though few persons spoke against the JDF soldier kicking the pregnant woman, there were more persons condemning the actions of the residents who were said to be showing more disrespect towards the legal authorities than the gunmen in their communities.

Watch the video of the JDF soldier kicking the pregnant woman below.

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