Arielle Alexa and Busy Signal connect on new single called “Turning Me On”

Monday, May 21, 2018, 6:08 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Sexy, talented and hot Arielle Alexa and international reggae dancehall star Busy Signal are steaming up the scene with new single Turning Me On. This sultry songstress with alluring beauty, intellect, and a heart of social change is making waves all over the world. “Ooh Baby You, Baby You, Baby You, You Turning Me On, Whatever You do, You Driving Me Crazy!”-claims this Caribbean Queen.The single is sure to be a club banger and a summer anthem.

Turning Me On was produced and co-written by Dre Day and a very fun project for Arielle to work on. The rhythm is hot, funky, with a great vibration. She recorded the song in Jamaica and it was a great experience. The record is being distributed by Dre Day Productions/Dubshot Records and Aranthes from Earth Strong Productions is managing her.


A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Arie as she is affectionately called is more than a beautiful entertainer. She is very active in her community and sees herself as a humanitarian or artivist, one who combines music, social change, and movement. Arie has been working with the “Anti- Bullying Campaign,” The Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society, and The Down Syndrome Family Network.

Although she grew up on the sounds of soca, reggae and dancehall and its in her blood, she refuses to put herself in a musical box. Therefore her music is a combination of dancehall, r&b, soul, urban, and pop. She has a Caribbean and Island flair that she adds to her music.

Arielle Alexa uses her music as an extension of her labour of love, personal identity and brand. Singing since her early days, she put her music on halt until 2015, as a result of being extremely shy. However, she grew up honing her skills as a hockey player for Trinidad’s National Team which instilled determination and discipline in her.

“I definitely want to make a positive impact with my music. I have been singing since I was a little girl but I just lacked the confidence. I was afraid of failure so through my music I want to show people once you find what your passion is, once you tap into that confidence, and you tap into that determination, then the sky is the limit, expresses Arie.

Continuing with jubilation and excitement Arielle explains, “Last year I would have never thought that I would be on a song with Busy Signal, but here I am. That comes with hard work, positivity and surrounding your self with people that believe in you as well. That is definitely the impact that I want to make and have on people that you can achieve anything once you set your goals and set your mind on achieving it.”
SOurce: Olimatta Taal

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