Armed Robbery Of Restaurant in Jamaica Caught On Camera – Video

Thursday, January 20, 2022, 3:05 PM GMT-5

This video clip is currently making rounds on social media, it shows the moment three armed men began to rob a restaurant at an undisclosed location in Jamaica.

The footage starts off with a worker calling one of the robbers for a box of food that was ordered. A pistol was brandished by one of the robbers who proceeded to point it at the worker and ordered her to open the glass door to let them in.

The shocked female opened the door as requested and she was then told to lay on the floor facing down, as one of the men check around for cash and valuables, several other persons who were seemingly passing by the scene were brought inside the facility and also told to lay on the floor facing down, they were also robbed.

A total of six individuals were robbed, three males and three females.

Watch the happenings below.

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