Arnold Schwarzenegger Meets In Bad Accident

Hours ago, the famous Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger met in an accident that caused his SUV to roll on top of another vehicle.

The car he collided with was a red Prius with the driver being a woman, who upon being impacted in her car by the actor’s Yukon SUV was badly injured to the point where the woman that was driving the Prius was bleeding from her head and had to be rushed to the hospital.

According to TMZ, Schwarzenegger’s vehicle went on a rolling spree while turning left on Sunset Boulevard when his vehicle ended up in the collision, and even eventually crashed into a Porsche Taycan which makes it also a very expensive accident.

So far it is reported that the actor is doing well however, at this time he has much concern about the wellbeing of the woman injured during the collision and has made a statement letting it known that he wants to check up on her.

At the crash scene, Schwarzenegger had his actor friend Jake Steinfeld present with him and that is for good reason too as the “Transformer” actor had Steinfeld by his side as well as the Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Physical fitness when he held office in the state of California.

Other reports from the accident are mostly from eyewitnesses who spoke with TMZ letting them know how much of a movie scene the accident looked like. Otherwise, Law enforcement has opened the matter stating that Schwarzenegger was in the wrong.


Learn more from the video below.

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