Asafa Powell Stands Up Against Being Called a DEADBEAT DAD – Video

Former Olympian, Asafa Powell, is defending himself against accusations of being a deadbeat dad. According to the Sprinter, he has always taken care of his daughter, first clarifying that he and the child’s mother, Amita Persaud-Webb did not have a relationship, he also detailed that he heard about Amita’s pregnancy via the radio.

He also highlighted that he took great care of his daughter and her mother. From the day his daughter was born in 2012, he would buy anything she wants, in addition to that Asafa says he also paid for the child’s mother’s tuition to go back to school, bought her a car and, “Pay all bills… everything” he stated.


He reported that they started having issues in 2017, “The verbal abuse got too much…,” he said Amita told him that he was acting like a father when he is not a father. Because of this, “I cut back” he cut back in all areas and they came up with a payment agreement.

The Jamaican Athlete details that he and the mother of the child in time decided that what would happen is for Asafa to pay $25,000 a month in child support and that would be good. Powell says he was also the one that took care of his daughter’s school Uniform as well as other clothing and every other thing that she would need.

Asafa went on to state that the issue escalated last year during the Covid-19 lockdown, which made it mandatory for his daughter to do online classes. At this point, the former Sprint record holder said that his daughter was at his house most of the time doing school online and for some time she spent weeks and then months with his mom, only going to Amita’s house for a few days during that time.

However, Amita was still asking for child support, but Powell says he was confused she did, knowing that the child had been spending most of the time at his mother and his house. This according to Asafa made his baby mother upset, which caused her to start calling him names, and being extremely disrespectful to him, which dimmed the communication between them eventually leading to them stop talking.

From there on the sub-10 king said that what they had to do is to make his daughter’s mom, reach out to his wife or mother instead of him since they had difficulties getting along.

As a result of the misunderstanding, Powell told his fans in the video that talks of him being a deadbeat Dad started going around and so he has decided now to stand up against the accusations since they are affecting him, with people even in his circle questioning his character, “it’s kinda hurting me… yeah it don’t look good” he outlines. Watch the video below.

As reported by Loop News, Powell was ordered by the Family Court to pay $30,000 per month. He was also told to pay half the child’s medical expenses and half her educational expenses going forward until the child turns 18 years old.
According to the source who revealed the info, the court order was made back in November 2020.

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