WATCH: Asafa Powell Terrified While Walking on Shaky Swing Bridge in Ghana

Although former sprinter Asafa Powell seems to be a formidable opponent when his feet are on the ground, he does not seem to deal with heights well as he struggles to cross a swing bridge in a newly uploaded video.

Asafa and his wife Alyshia are currently in Ghana, seemingly for a wedding they were participating in, and decided to go on an adventure before coming back to Jamaica. On this adventure, we see Asafa face off against a swing bridge while he is being cheered on to make it across.


The video of the hilarious scene was posted to his Instagram account with the caption, “lol I don’t know how strong this bridge is 😂😂.”

The location of the bridge, according to a commenter, is Kaum National Park in Ghana. The park is a rainforest reserve with a canopy walkway and is known for its 7 suspension bridges which hover up to 27 meters above the forest floor.

In the video, we see Asafa hesitate to step foot on the bridge while saying, “It look rotten. Yow, in the middle probably rotten,” before giving a nervous laugh. When he finally steps out onto the bridge, it makes a loud sound and he screams and looks to ensure the bridge is not broken before he gingerly places his other foot down and starts to make his way across.

Watch the video below:

After watching the video, many people commented with one person who has used it before saying, “It shaky bad in a real life! Bridge #3 is really the test of faith, because it is LONG 😭😭😭.” Another individual wrote, “Asafa with the nervouse laugh always cracks me up!”

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