Assistant Commissioner Explains Why The Cult Pastor Was Transferred Using Linstead Bypass And Not Highway

Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 10:14 PM GMT-5

Attorney at Law Valerie Neita Robertson has lashed out at the Police for moving her client Kevin Smith without her knowledge however the Assistant Commissioner for the area one Division was not hesitant to give the reasons behind the sudden move, which resulted in the death of the Church Pastor and a Police officer Identified to be Orlando Irons.

One resident of Linstead stated that while the Police and Smith were travelling along the Linstead bypass he heard a crash and upon investigation found the Pastor and an officer laying down unresponsive while two other Policemen were critically injured.

The victims of the crash were later brought to the hospital where Smith and Irons were pronounced dead while the critically injured officers were placed under treatment even though still reported to be in an unconscious state.

Attorney at Valerie Neita-Robertson who was secured by Smith for his legal representation before his passing was very aggravated with the Police about the transfer and made it clear that if her client is going to court or if there are any searches to be made to his house, she has to be present but there was no communication to her.

Neita-Robertson, also expressed that in a case where Smith had no Lawyer it would have been different however she outlined in her public statement made about the case that the Pastor had two Attorneys for whom the Police has phone numbers.

In response to the very experienced lawyer, Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers stated several reasons as to why Smith was being transferred to Kingston.

According to Chambers, the Pastor was in the process of being transferred due to a decision that was made in response to the question and answer session that was done over the weekend which unfolded more evidence and required additional questions which would have been asked to Smith while in Kingston.

Many persons especially on Social media have begun to make speculations on the death of the Pastor with them using the fact that the convoy of vehicles did not take the highway route which seemed strange, knowing that it would have been an easier way to have Smith transferred.

Assistant Commissioner Chambers, however, spoke on the issue stating that the Linstead bypass route was taken because of the need to have accessibility to other Police stations along the way in case their help is required.

In response to Attorney Neita-Robertson’s aggravation with the Police actions, Chambers said that there was no obligation on the part of the JCF to update the Attorney on the transfer of her client unless the need to get the client’s location for court arose.

The assistant commissioner went on by highlighting that any information concerning the date and time that the persons held were being moved would have been held at the discretion of the Police, with strong regards towards National Security.

Taking into consideration that Smith is now dead, assistant commissioner Chambers told the Jamaica Observer through whom he gave his public statement on the matter, that the necessary advice to proceed forward with the case will be requested from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Andre Ruddock the co-accused man alongside Smith was not harmed by the crash and was charged afterwards with 1 count of murder and 1 count of wounding intent and is to make an appearance before the court this week.

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