August Alsina Says He is Deeply in Love With JADA PINKETT-SMITH

Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 7:48 PM

In a recent Breakfast Club interview, 27 years old, American singer and song-writer August Alsina expressed the truth about the relationship between himself and the wife of popular Actor and musician Will Smith.

ALSINA stated that speculations have negatively impacted his personal and professional life.


In responding to the questions of the interviewer he touched on topics like his album, being a better individual, and fear. Further on he touched on a conversation that has been going around where Actor, Jada Pinkett Smith is concerned as asked to him by the interviewer, Alsina made it clear that he understands why things are happening which he noted as them not knowing the truth.

He explained that people will have their ideas but when it comes to him knowing that he did not do anything and is being accused, he is not okay with it. He further stated that he does not like drama and it is not important for people to know about his personal life.

In continuing to confess his honesty he let it known to the interviewer that he loved the family and had Will smith’s blessing to give his full devotion of love to Jada Pinkett Smith without any romance. Alsina made it clear that he deeply loved Jada Pinkett-smith. He also stated that he gave years of dedication to the family.

He was later asked by the interviewer if Pinkett-Smith has ever addressed the situation for which his response was in defense of him only having responsibility for himself. He further added that he has to address things once it starts affecting him.

Jada Pinkett Smith as since Denied Having a Romantic Relationship With August Alsina, Will Smith also reportedly said that he did not give August the go ahead to get Romantic with Jada.

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