Aunty Donna addresses “Demon Gyal” who talked Down on her Name – Video

Thursday, October 22, 2020, 10:11 PM

“If mi talk bout she tonight she’ll neva walk a road again” Miss Donna the popular Jamaican lady who seemingly helps a lot of persons who are in need went online to address the viral video of a female who only had bad things to say about her.

According to Miss Donna, it was an insect, reptile and not a woman who talked down on her name, Miss Donna also stated that Rawpa Crawpa wants some beating also with the lady who is in the video that he posted to his youtube page.


“all part a yo dutty” says Auty Donna while telling her supporters that she doesn’t want to talk on the matter.

According to Miss Donna she saw the lady taking a “drum of wax” out her ears while saying bad things about her “Nasty Gyal” the outspoken Donna says.

She also states that it’s sad that “we live in a world where women don’t like to see women strive” and it would appear to her that females’ main intention is to tear down another female.

The spiritual female went on to state that she heard a lot of bad things about other females but she doesn’t go online trying to tear them down.

Earlier the young lady stated that, “Miss Donna if i’m on my dying bed i wuddn’t want no help from you.. because if you help me miss Donna it gonna cost me ntn but embarrassment”, the lady went on to suggest that Donna may be doing the stuff she does to make herself look good or to build up her self esteem.

After looking at Miss Donna’s response Rawpa states that her mouth wants “filter” and that she has “no manners and respect”. Watch the full video below.

Watch the video of Miss Donna addressing Rawpa and the young lady below

one person commented “Donna said she nah answer but she said enough to get the demon gyal ina har feelings. I can’t with Ms.Donna”

Earlier the young lady stated “i would not want a cup of water from you miss Donna.. i want no help from you” she states before urging Jamaicans to work for what they want in life and stop from “begging” people for help so much.

According to the female, everyone that Miss Donna helps she turn around and disrespects them “you a look people to praise you miss Donna”, Watch the video below to learn more about what the random lady had to say about Aunty Donna.

On a more positive note check out Miss Donna having fun below.

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